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Find template sizes in Word for all Worldlabel sizes including shipping, mailing and more. There is a great selection of opensource label templates you can download and use. Libreoffice and Openoffice use the ODF document standard which is the universal open standard for documents.

Design and Print Labels and Envelopes on Your Mac

PDF are universal and can be opened up in many different programs. PDF templates are not editable. They are used as a guideline layer in graphic design programs. Download Illustrator.

Pages for Mac: Print envelopes, labels, and business cards in Pages

Encapsulated Postscript Vector format is used in all types of graphic design programs like Illustrator by Adobe, Photoshop, Inkscape, Gimp. They are used as a guide layer to help you create and print labels. Downloads are free. Autofill-PDF Templates: Especially great for return address labels when you need all the labels to have the same information.

These PDF templates are both fillable and editable: Holiday Label Templates: Please visit our pre-designed label template gallery for a huge collection of label designed templates in PDF. Crystal Report: Feel free to download label report templates in.

RPT format created using Crystal Report 8. If your template is opening up blank, please turn on the grid lines. Before printing your labels from the template, it is best to read your printers manual to make sure you are using the correct feed tray and you have changed the property settings according to the type of paper or film you printing on.

When designing labels using blank label template, it is important to make sure you are using bleeds and if you are designing to the edge of the label, your printer has print to the edge capabilities. First print on plain paper and trace over the label sheet to make sure everything is aligned properly, then print labels from your formated template. Address Recognition Addresses pasted in the form of text are automatically recognized and formatted. Extensive Design Toolkit Radial and linear gradients, drawing tools, smart shapes, editing layers, and much more. Over 1, Clipart Images A collection of 1, photos, illustrations, and more.

Get over 40, with the Extras Pack.

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I was so sick and tired of the free MS Excel templates that Avery provided — the labels never line up correctly when using the free templates. I find this great program to be really handy. I primarily use it with envelopes and only use the labels a couple of times. I love the integration with Art Text as I have come up with some really nice looking envelopes.

I find mail merge feature is one of the easiest I have ever used, it's handy to be able to edit your contact list right from this program. Our club database changes all the time and this makes it really easy to update our mailing list.

Customize a Word document to use your Avery® sheet

I would recommend this to anyone as I have found it easy to use. After trying and failing multiple times to successfully create a mail merge with my Apple Contacts and Pages, I downloaded this app and did it in 10 minutes, and that includes 5 minutes of watching the included video tutorials.

If your time is important, the price is worth the money. Postal Resources in the Internet Postage rates, address formatting guidelines, address verification and more. Envelope Styles and Sizes Read about different envelope types, the correct formatting and address position. Read more.

Use Avery templates in Word for Mac

System Requirements: The app runs on Mojave, although not fully optimized for it it won't be updated to bit. Other Downloads. A really great and handy program I find this great program to be really handy.