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While we do our best to help with driver and software troubleshooting, it is best to seek the assistance of someone you can have in front of the computer as being able to see the computer screen is often essential to computer tech support. Need a genuine programming cable? While this can be helpful for some hardware, Windows will load a newer driver that may not be compatible with the revision of the chip inside your programming cable.

This is typically the case when you receive a "Code 10" error indicating the device cannot start, when installing the cable on a Windows 7 computer.

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To remedy this you have to force Windows to use a earlier version of the driver software. Simply follow the below steps to install a working driver. At times newer computers simply process data to fast for this type of software to handle.

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  • Programming Baofeng UV82 (and possibly others) on Mac OS X 10.10.
  • Genuine Baofeng USB programming cable (2 pins Kenwood).

By lowering the speed of the com port the information being read and written may transfer more reliably and less likely to error out. Use the below guide to change this setting Windows XP. FiFo buffering has been reported as causing communication errors. Try disabling it.

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See above to adjust this setting. The driver should load without any additional troubleshooting or configuring. To change to a different Com port "Right Click" on Prolific, choose properties, click port settings, click advanced, select from the drop down list either 1, 2, 3, or 4 which ever is available. Unplug the cable, restart the computer, and load the XP driver as found on the CD.

At times the driver may not load correctly.

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When this happens follow the simple steps below to remedy the corrupt install. If the above also fails you may need a different driver for your exact version of Windows, or another piece of hardware is conflicting with the cable.

FYI: your cable, if using Prolific chipset, is more likely to be using a counterfeit chip than an original. Specified to work with Mac OSX After downloading, you may need to control-right click, then open in order to bypass Mac Gatekeeper.

That will return a long list of kexts, including something similar to this at the bottom most recently installed are listed last :. Sign in Register. Search :. Wiki Start page Index by title Index by date Advertisements.

KC9ONB: Baofeng UV and Mac OS X El Capitan

This is a test. Please disable your ad-blocker! Right click control-click if you don't have a 2 button mouse on the app and click Open. You will get a dialog box about it being an unsigned app, click the Open button.

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Enter an Administrator userid and password. The app will now be flagged to allow it to be opened normally in the future. Click the lock Then choose Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere. Application Security in MacOS